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       "I see a bit of devil in those angel eyes" 
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Did you know that Monet stated at some point that he wanted to be blind. Similarly, Picasso said that painting was a blind man’s profession, because blind people have a clearer vision of reality.

So what is it about the blind that make artists from all around a tad bit jealous? 

Scientists looked at famous painter Esref Armagon, a man blind from birth. His art hangs in museums all around the world. He can draw landscapes and scenery with precision. This is his art:

Armagon went to a lab to have his brain scanned as he drew freehand. He was given objects to feel such as a toy or a cup and asked to draw them.

What scientists found was amazing. His brain scan resembled a sighted person’s brain scan. 

Although his no visual light reflected of his eyes and entered swept through his visual cortex, his visual cortex was buzzing with activity. 

What was going on is that his visual cortex was recruited by other senses such as touch and hearing. Armagon was successfully able to translate touch into images in his mind. 

SOURCE: The Body Has A Mind of Its Own by Sandra & Matthew Blakeslee

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I need an entire plate of sushi, good movies on netflix, and a week to do nothing

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ʖ haha got ur nose

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art student hair

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